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Provide all brands mobile phone repair parts

Top 3 mobile phone spare parts supplier in China


We supplies parts for mobile phone, gaming consoles and unmanned aerial vehicles


Every product undergoes stringent QC and dual appearance/functional inspections


We rank among the top-tier manufacturing and service providers in the industry.


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  • Tailored quality standards cater to diverse customer needs.

  • Stringent quality control throughout raw materials, processes, and finished goods.

  • 19 mandatory inspections validate each LCD’s quality.

  • Comprehensive component testing ensures compliance, adhering to customer standards.


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Backed by over 20 years of industry experience and a global customer base of hundreds of thousands, we’ve built a renowned reputation. Our commitment lies in delivering competitively priced, superior products coupled with exceptional service to uphold our esteemed name.

Why Customer Choose Partsun

Partsun is dedicated to providing customers with a premium supply chain service for high-quality mobile phone parts and components.

Competitive prices

Direct Factory without any intermediate costs, saving at least 12%

Strict Quality control

Strict quality control, clear difference of several levels on quality

Credit on order

We offer Buy Now Pay Later service , defer payment up to 30 days

Fast and Safe Delivery

Strong supply chain, which can keep the quality and stock to make sure fast and safe delivery.

Highly experienced Mobile Phone Parts Supplier

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Partsun offers cost-effective custom solutions with a professional design team and comprehensive supply chain management

  • We offer customized quality to fit your need

  • We provide logo service for promoting your brand

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Partsun is the ideal mobile parts supplier for my repair business. Their vast inventory, quality products, and competitive pricing are backed by unparalleled customer service. The knowledgeable staff ensures I get the right parts quickly. Whether large or small orders, Partsun delivers exceptional value and support. Highly recommended for any repair professional

Shona Jones